Tank Kills The Noise About Feud With Tyrese

Entertainment | 12/07/2015 | 11:30 AM EST

Tank says their nearly 20-year bond will not be broken

Word on the street is the bromance between Tank and Tyrese is on the rocks. But don't believe everything you hear -- Tank says it isn't true.

Following a brief squabble over Tyrese's "R&B Challenge," some fans believed the longtime pals and TGT groupmates had hit a rough patch in their friendship. On Friday, Tank took to Instagram to post a picture of himself, Tyrese and Ginuwine, while addressing the rumors.

He wrote:

"When you give negativity the power to believe that it can be effective then it begins to work overtime!! Negativity would love for this to be over! It would love to destroy bonds of close to 20 yrs! It loves it so much it'll use you, the haters, to keep it going! The people who thrive on negativity will try to keep this going but we honestly don't hear you! The only people mad are you the negative! The ones that want to see strong black men fail at coming together and doing something great! In case you haven't heard you lose in the end. Your hate only lasts for a season! Those who belong to negativity will have to bow down to the truth! The truth that you're only here to make us stronger! Your sole purpose is to help strengthen soldiers for the kingdom. Do your job! Please! And watch how much more powerful we become!!.. #ChildofGod #TGT."

And there you have it.


(Photo: Bryan Steffy/BET/Getty Images for BET)

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