Lark Voorhies Threatens The Media, Reveals Reason Behind Her Current Appearance

Entertainment | 12/04/2015 | 10:00 AM EST

'Saved By The Bell' actress speaks up for herself on social media

Lark Voorhies has seen the headlines about her estranged husband selling their alleged sex tape, read the comments about her "bizarre" appearance and is finally taking a stand. The "Saved By The Bell" actress recently took to social media to address any and all reports.

"FYI Anyone who audibly interviews or has any malicious intent of posting any inaccurate information collected from Jimmy Green will be getting sued for defamation of character and other forms of legality," Voorhies wrote, likely a response to Green's interview with Radar Online about an alleged sex tape.


"He is no longer intentionally apart [sic] of my life and has no concern for my personal an physical welfare. Any words from him should be completely discredited and thrown out. God Bless! LV"

Green told the outlet the alleged video showed "everything" and he would consider selling it for $2 million. Voorhies has denied any existence of said video.

In a separate post, Voorhies also addressed the public's concern with her appearance. The actress has been spotted at several events with questionable makeup choices, but she says it's a result of her struggle with Lupus. She wrote:

"To whom much is given, much is tested.

I have been the blunt of many cruel jokes at my own expense and my appearance has made headlines for all the wrong reasons which have been anything that I can fully comprehend to the fullest myself.

To whom it may concern, In 2007, I was diagnosed with Lupus. The past few years have been the hardest. While many have maliciously made fun of my heavy make-up, I've been having whats called butterfly rashes. Make-up seems to minimize some spots of malar rashes that come & go but have left me highly insecure.

I pray for sympathy and understanding as I have not fully come to cope and understand this disease myself and help spread worldwide awareness of something so personal [sic all]."

Voorhies is said to be working on her upcoming album, The Mixer.


(Photo: Sonia Hall / Splash News)

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