Iggy Azalea Responds To Erykah Badu's Soul Train Awards Diss?

Entertainment | 12/02/2015 | 12:45 PM EST

Australian rapper laughs off recent jab at her accomplishments

Erykah Badu's jab toward Iggy Azalea at Soul Train Awards 2015 has reached the ears of the "Fancy" emcee herself and she's none too happy with the comment.

In case you missed it, Badu laid out her rule of "no hip hop allowed" at Sunday night's event as she pretended to take phone calls from rappers such as André 3000 and Young Thug. She denied entry to both artists, but gladly accepted Iggy, stating: "Oh no, you can come, because what you're doing is definitely not rap."

Shade level: 9.5.


Iggy, who had been on a Twitter hiatus for all of November, resurfaced Tuesday afternoon to respond to Badu's diss and all those hating on her accomplishments. She wrote:

"Hi guys i know its been a while. We are days from 2016, but i came online today and saw its still cool to try and discredit my 2014 accomplishments. LOL, fucking hell. Seems exhausting. Anyway - Ive been enjoying the holiday season and i hope you all have too."

Before signing off, Iggy went on to update fans about her new music and reveal that one her horses might have Lyme Disease.

It's probably best that Iggy didn't directly address Badu because that's a problem you just don't want to have.


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