Rick Ross Taped Doing Cocaine In Online Video?

Entertainment | 11/30/2015 | 08:47 AM EST

A SnapChat video of the rapper has people talking...

It's another day in the Rozay Chronicles...

Instagram user a_suspicious_character obtained a SnapChat video of Rick Ross dancing around his kitchen near some suspicious looking white lines on a counter top is making noise online.

Rick Ross Takes Car of Child's Mother In Act Of Revenge?

And if that wasn't enough of a reason to raise eyebrows, Ross' nose seemed to have a little residue on the tip of his nose. But maybe it was the lighting?

So what does he have to say about the questionable video? He says that the white lines are just irregularities in the marble. 

You be the judge:

(Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for TIDAL)

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