Lamar Odom Off The Hook For Cocaine Possession?

Entertainment | 11/30/2015 | 12:00 PM EST

(Photo: WENN.COM)

Sources say D.A. could back off charges because Odom might not be 'legally competent to stand trial'

Nearly two months after being hospitalized for a drug overdose, Lamar Odom might finally catch a break-- on the legal side of things.

Law enforcement sources claim the Nye County District Attorney is considering backing off a potential drug charge against the former NBA star due to his current condition. From TMZ:

"Our sources tell us the D.A. now says they will consider Lamar's medical condition and mental state in deciding whether to charge him. We broke the story, Lamar is barely able to speak and cannot walk. His cognitive functions are also severely impaired. 

Fact is ... the D.A. really isn't cutting Lamar a special break, because we did some checking and couldn't find a single case in Nye County where someone was prosecuted for cocaine possession when they landed in the hospital with severe damage. 

And there's another factor ... we're told Lamar is so bad off, he might not even be legally competent to stand trial."

Back in October, results of blood tests drawn at a Las Vegas hospital confirmed Odom tested positive for cocaine. It is up to a prosecutor to decide if Odom will face one count of unlawful use of cocaine or being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Odom has reportedly made "some progress" since being hospitalized on Oct. 13, but sources say he's still struggling to walk by himself and communicate verbally.


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