Ronnie Wilson Sues Charlie Wilson Over Rights To The Gap Band

Entertainment | 11/25/2015 | 11:30 AM EST

(Photo: David Corio/Redferns/Getty Images)

Ronnie claims Charlie kept the band from landing two different gigs

Thanksgiving might be a little awkward between Charlie and Ronnie Wilson.

According to TMZ, Ronnie is suing Charlie (who left the band in 2009) over rights to The Gap Band after losing out on two separate gigs. Ronnie says he had plans for a comeback tour and two performances scheduled-- one at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in New York City and one at Howard Theater in Washington, D.C.

But things went south when Charlie's team interfered with the bookings and the venues pulled out of the performances.

Ronnie claims his new Gap Band was set to make more than $20,000 from the shows. He is suing for damages and is asking a court to block Charlie from interfering with future bookings.

In his court documents, Ronnie made it a point to note that the group existed for years before Charlie joined in 1972.


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