Stevie J Heads Back To Rehab

Entertainment | 11/23/2015 | 04:00 PM EST

'Love & Hip Hop' star will enroll in an outpatient drug treatment program instead of heading to jail

Stevie J is heading back to rehab after failing a recent drug test, reports TMZ.

Last week, a judge ordered the producer and "Love & Hip Hop" star to enroll in an outpatient drug treatment program, as opposed to revoking his bail and locking him up. Stevie had been in court due to his ongoing child support case.

Stevie is now required to report to a facility twice a week and comply with drug testing. If he doesn't, he runs the risk of facing jail time.

Last December, the star was ordered to serve 30 days in a rehabilitation center for repeatedly failing cocaine and marijuana tests.

Stevie is expected back in court next month.


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