Mo'Nique Clears Up Open Marriage and 'Hall Pass' Rumors Once And For All

Entertainment | Camille | 11/20/2015 | 09:30 AM EST

Actress/comedienne says she's never given her husband a pass to cheat

Mo'Nique is setting the record straight on a recent interview with True Exclusives in which she discussed the keys to a successful marriage, which include "a pass to cheat."

The actress is now saying she never admitted to giving her husband a so-called "hall pass" and has never given him the green light to cheat. In a video on Periscope, Mo'Nique attempts to clear up her remarks and addresses how her open marriage came to be.

She explains:

"I got on Twitter and I see all of these comments about me saying that it's okay and I give my husband a hall pass to cheat. Well, lo and behold, I'm like I done read the gotdamn article and I never said that. So, it's just interesting how people take things and flip them to what they want it to be.

When I said about me being in an open marriage, it was not my husband's idea. Originally it was my idea, because at the time when [her husband Sydney Hicks] and I got together ten years ago [...] I was still stuck in being famous and a celebrity and being a star and I felt like I could have whatever I want. I was still in an insecure place. […] And because I was dealing with my best friend, he said 'If that's what you think you need, as your best friend, I don't want to stand in your way of it.' So it makes me laugh when people put it all off on my husband as if it was something he was doing."

Listen to Mo'nique's entire explanation below.

(Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images)

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