Derek Jeter Apparently Thinks 50 Cent Is Too 'Urban' For Business Deal, Rapper Responds

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 11/19/2015 | 11:00 AM EST

Former MLB star is facing a $4 million lawsuit for backing out of a deal with a men's underwear company

Derek Jeter's opinions about 50 Cent have come back to bite him in the butt with the filing of a $4.7 million lawsuit from Frigo, a men's underwear company.

According to TMZ, the former MLB star signed a three-year deal in 2011 to be a director of the company and participate in publicity events. Jeter reportedly backed out of the agreement when he learned of 50 Cent's involvement, suggesting that the rapper was too "urban" to work with the company.

The report states:

"[...] things went south in 2013 -- first, Jeter allegedly told Frigo he didn't want his involvement with the company to be public during the U.S. launch. 

So, the company tapped 50 Cent to be the brand ambassador instead -- which didn't jive with Jeter, according to the suit. 

And why? The majority owner of Frigo, Mathias Ingvarsson, claims Jeter felt 50 would make the brand too 'urban.' Weird, considering Jeter is mixed race. 

By the way, the company ended up bringing on Carmelo Anthony and Timbaland as brand reps."

Frigo claims the company has lost nearly $30 million in value since Jeter backed out of the deal. The majority owner is asking that Jeter pay $4.7 million and is willing to take the case to arbitration.

Jeter has yet to comment on the suit, but 50 Cent is talking (as usual). On Wednesday, he posted a message on Instagram saying he was no longer a New York Yankees fan.


(Photos from left: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images, Elsa/Getty Images)

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