Benzino Laughs Off Rumors About Making Money Off His Newborn Son

Entertainment | 11/17/2015 | 04:00 PM EST

Benzino says he and girlfriend Althea Eaton will show off their son when the time is right

For those who think Benzino and his girlfriend Althea Eaton are looking to make a "quick buck" off their son, think again. The former "Love & Hip Hop" star is shutting down rumors that he's hawking the first pictures of their newborn.

A report published Monday on TMZ suggested the couple were offering up the first photos to tabloids, if they were willing to pay $20,000. Fans have seen parts of the baby-- a hand here, a foot there-- on Instagram, but some believe they're holding off on showing their son in order to receive a huge payday.

But Benzino says it's simply not true. He dismissed the rumor in an Instagram post and also addressed reports about the couple's split, writing:

"Rumors, Rumors, Rumors, damn is it really that serious? Y'all think these blogs are credible when they report this BS? Me and @luvheraltheaheart are very much together and we will show our baby when we feel the time is right, wtf can 15 20 racks do? He is our precious gift from God and will show him when WE think the time is right, damn he's only 7 days old, can we enjoy him first? Thank you for all the Love and Congratulations, we really appreciated it!"

This is the first child for the couple.



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