The Incredible Reason Why Gabrielle Union Is Rocking Braids

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 11/16/2015 | 11:00 AM EST

The actress says she's proud to show off the natural hairstyle on the big screen

(Photo: Diabolik/Splash News)

In case you were wondering, Gabrielle Union isn't just rocking a head full of braids to look fabulous. There's a deeper meaning behind her latest look.

The "Being Mary Jane" star, who is set to executive produce and star in the upcoming Universal comedy A Meyer's Christmas, says she chose to get braided up to show that leading ladies can wear natural hairstyles on the big screen.

"I've always wanted to get them," Union told ESSENCE. "Not only is it protecting my hair on set, but it [gives me] the chance to [be] a leading lady with a natural hairstyle. It's not lost on me and it's more than just me experimenting with a hairstyle."



Union said she also got the support of the film's production team who believed her character should represent all aspects of her culture.

"I just got lucky in that I got a character that could embrace a natural hairstyle and the production agreed. So, I jumped at the chance," Union added.

A Meyers Christmas
is slated to hit theaters Nov. 11, 2016.


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