50 Cent Says He's Only Had One Real Love (And It Wasn't Vivica Fox)

Entertainment | 11/13/2015 | 10:15 AM EST

Rapper says he doesn't understand why Fox is talking about him after all these years

It's clear Vivica Fox and 50 Cent have two very different outlooks on their failed romance. While the actress once described the rapper as "the love of her life," 50 Cent is saying it wasn't quite the love connection he was hoping for.

In the aftermath of their recent public feud, 50 Cent spoke with Confidenti@l about Fox's allegations of him being gay, as well as him being the love of her life.

"When I heard that, I was like, woah, wait a minute," he said. "I was pretty surprised, but I didn't say anything. I had one love of my life, my Grandma. Not Vivica. That's it."

In response to Fox's remark about 50 Cent being a "booty snatcher," he said, "We haven't been together for years. No idea why she's still thinking about me and talking about me all the time."

And while it seems 50 Cent is slowly backing out of the fight (he has deleted nearly all of his Instagram posts directed toward his ex), Fox is only getting started. She posted the following message on Thursday:


(Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for JCPenney)

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