Khloé Kardashian Gives Lamar Odom Update: 'He's Off Of All Machines'

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 11/11/2015 | 10:30 AM EST

Odom's estranged wife says the former NBA star still has a lot of physical and cognitive therapy ahead

Lamar Odom is getting better by the day and could soon be walking himself out of a Los Angeles hospital where he continues to receive treatment.

While promoting her new book "Strong Looks Better Naked," Odom's estranged wife Khloé Kardashian gave "Extra" an update on the former NBA star's health. Odom has been hospitalized since Oct. 13 after he was found unconscious in a Las Vegas brothel due to a drug overdose.

"He's definitely doing better, which is awesome. Every day is better, he's off of all machines that, he is alive on his own, and no machines are helping him, which is great, but he still has a lot of physical and cognitive therapy to go through, so it’s a long road for him," Kardashian said.


The reality star mentioned that it's going to be "a long, long time" before Odom is back to his old self and some days are better than others. Still, she says the 36-year-old athlete is making strides in his journey to getting healthy.

"He will try to learn how to walk ... so that is first," Kardashian added. "When he can support himself on his own, or physically try to walk better on his own or at least with an assistance, with a walker, then he will probably leave the hospital and do a lot of cognitive and mental strengthening."

Kardashian has remained by Odom's side since his medical emergency, but (despite calling off their divorce) has made it clear they are not together. She is still said to be dating Houston Rockets star James Harden.


(Photo: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

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