'Black Ink Crew' Star Ceaser Emanuel Arrested In NYC

Entertainment | 11/10/2015 | 02:30 PM EST

The tattoo artist was busted for failing to pay child support

Well, this is awkward.

"Black Ink Crew" star Ceaser Emanuel was arrested Monday evening in New York City on a warrant for failure to pay child support, reports TMZ. Unfortunately, the tattoo artist was in the middle of a job when he was cuffed.

Witnesses say the arrest occurred while filming the VH1 reality show and Emanuel was in the middle of inking a female client. His co-worker Dutchess reportedly followed him to the police station, but it's unclear if Emanuel was able to post bail.


Fans of "Black Ink Crew" will be able to see how it all went down during the show's fourth season, as witnesses say the cameras were rolling from the tattoo shop to the police station.


(Photo: Ceaser Emanuel via Instagram)

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