Spike Lee Addresses 'Chi-Raq' Backlash: 'This Is Not A Comedy'

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 11/09/2015 | 02:00 PM EST

Lee says 'don't get it twisted' -- he is very serious about the gun violence in Chicago

Folks are all up in arms about Spike Lee's latest joint Chi-Raq which aims to tackle the very pressing issue of gun violence in Chicago. While some believe his approach is way too comical, the legendary director is asking everyone to take a chill pill and understand he is very serious about the subject matter.

While releasing additional footage to the upcoming film, Lee addressed the backlash from the trailer that left many to believe he was making light of the situation in Chicago.

"Some people are getting it twisted and thinking that this is a comedy. Chi-Raq is not a comedy. Chi-Raq is a satire," Lee said. "[...] In no way, shape or form are we not respectful of the situation that is happening in Chi-Raq. In no way, shape or form are we making light of the lives that have been murdered with this senseless violence."

takes from the ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata, in which the women of Greece come together and withhold sex until their men put an end to the Peloponnesian War. Lee's version will take place in modern-day Chicago as the women withhold sex in an attempt to end gang violence in the city.

Film stars Teyonah Paris and Angela Bassett can be seen in newer, more dramatic scenes from the film, as they discuss how they're going to get the men of Chicago to put their guns down.

is set to be released Dec. 4 in select theaters and will later be released on Amazon Instant Video. Check out Lee's entire message below.


(Photo: David Banks/Getty Images)

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