Did Billboard Go Too Far With This North West Tweet?

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 10/30/2015 | 02:30 PM EDT

The tweet seemingly alluded to Kim Kardashian's sex life

UPDATE: Billboard has apologized, tweeting: "We apologize for the tweet involving North West. The caption was about her comments to paparazzi. The suggestion some see was not intended."

Consider this a case of when tweeting goes very, very wrong.

Billboard is in hot water over a photo posted to its Twitter account Friday morning showing Kim Kardashian holding her two-year-old daughter North West. The caption read, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree…" and pictured North sticking her tongue out while holding what looks like a children's toy.

The article attached to the tweet was referring to a paparazzi video released earlier this week, in which North told the photographers: "I said no pictures."


It didn't take long for folks to charge Billboard with "sexualizing" North, considering the tweet's wording and Kardashian's sexual history. In 2007, the reality star was featured in a leaked sex tape with then-boyfriend Ray J (not to mention we've seen Kardashian naked more than a few times since).

Responses to the tweet were swift and stern.

Writer and TV host Janet Mock said, "@billboard she's a damn baby. An editor should never position such innuendo on the image of a child, regardless of her famous parent."

New Republic's senior editor Jamil Smith chimed in, "Slut-shaming women isn't okay. Slut-shaming baby girls is really not okay. I don't care who their mothers are."

Global Grind president Michael Skolnik tweeted, "Dear @Billboard, Delete. Apologize. Immediately. Signed, Everyone on Twitter. And everyone not on Twitter."

Billboard has yet to address the controversy, but did delete the orginal tweet. It was replaced by the same photo with the caption: "North West is already pretty sassy (but in a cute way)."

What say you? Did Billboard go too far? Sound off!


(Photo: PacificCoastNews)

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