'Saved By The Bell' Star Lark Voorhies Files For Divorce

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 10/22/2015 | 08:45 AM EDT

Actress pulls the plug on her short-lived marriage

Well, that was fast.


The marriage is over between "Saved By The Bell" star Lark Voorhies and husband Jimmy Green just six months after they tied the knot in Las Vegas. The pair had met just one year earlier on Facebook.


While it was Voorhies who pulled the plug, it seems Green had no objections. He tells TMZ the marriage had been trouble since the beginning and Voorhies' mother had been a large part of the issue. He added that the only reason why he didn't file for divorce first was because he didn't know how to to it.




As you might recall, there were signs of unhappiness back in August when Green posted online about never wanting to get married. He claimed he had only been in a business relationship with Voorhies, yet somehow it turned into marriage.


Voorhies, who has yet to speak on the split, is asking a court to deny any request of spousal support for Green.

(Photo: WENN.com)

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