Lamar Odom Reportedly Swore Off Drugs To Save His Marriage

Entertainment | 10/22/2015 | 09:15 AM EDT

Odom says he's 'done with drugs,' according to a source

In the case of Lamar Odom and Khloé Kardashian, love wins. After years of separation and a pending divorce, the pair have decided to rekindle their romance.


But under one condition.


According to TMZ, Kardashian called off the divorce after Odom swore to never do drugs again. The former NBA star is currently in the fight of his life to get healthy after being found unconscious in a Las Vegas brothel as a result of his drug use.




Sources say Odom told Kardashian he knew he cheated death and proclaimed, "I am done with drugs." He went on to thank her for coming to Vegas to be by his side and repeatedly told her that he loved her.


As we now know, Kardashian's lawyer Laura Wasser withdrew the reality star's divorce petition on Wednesday, as the celebrity couple have decided to remain married. Kardashian had initially filed for divorce in December 2013, but the action was never finalized.


(Photo: Hall/Pena,

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