'Shady' Man Cleared Out Odom's Brothel Suite, Owner Says

Entertainment | 10/20/2015 | 09:30 AM EDT

Brothel owner: 'I don't know if I got conned.'

New details are coming out of the Love Ranch in Las Vegas about a "shady" character who cleaned out Lamar Odom's suite just hours after he was found unconscious.


Brothel owner Dennis Hof told the New York Post a man who claimed to be Odom's manager showed up after word of the medical emergency and demanded to take all of the former NBA star's belongings. Some time later, another man claiming to be Odom's bodyguard came by and said he had no idea who the first guy was.



"I don't know if I got conned," Hof said. "I think when this all shakes out, this a shaky motherf-cker. I didn't recognize him. Something was up."


Hof added that the police had already arrived to the scene and didn't find any drugs or contraband.


The owner's claims come as Odom has been discharged from a Las Vegas hospital. He has been transported to Los Angeles for further treatment and is said to be in stable condition.


(Photo: Steven Lawton/Getty Images)

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