Dr. Dre's Housekeeper Alleges Hostile Work Environment; Files Suit

Entertainment | 10/19/2015 | 07:56 AM EDT

Raquel Sagustume describes working for the mogul as a "horrific experience"

Months after admitting to a history of abuse against women, Dr. Dre is being sued by his former housekeeper for creating a hostile work environment. 

Raquel Sagustume is suing the rap mogul (born Andre Young) and his wife Nicole Young, over what she describes as a "horrific" experience after a 13-month period of working at their home. 

According to Sagustume, two other staffers---female cousins of Dre's---felt threatened by her level of competence at her job. She claims they aggressively delegated their work onto her, causing her physical strain described as a “burning pain” in her neck, back and arms.

Furthermore, she goes on to recount a work environment filled with bullying and harassment that was so problematic that she developed severe anxiety that resulted in her being hospitalized. Sagustume says that she was terminated while she was still in hospital care. 

Sagustame, who made a reported $1,870 per week, is seeking punitive damages, saying that she still suffers from anxiety,depression and stress. And also wants to be compensated for unpaid overtime as well as missed meals and earned vacation. 

Dr. Dre nor his wife have yet to comment on the suit. 

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