Claudia Jordan Rips Rickey Smiley On Twitter

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 10/14/2015 | 10:00 AM EDT

‘Why can’t folks just part ways professionally without going the bitch route?’

There’s no telling what has set Claudia Jordan off, but the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is fed up with Rickey Smiley.

On Tuesday, Jordan took to Twitter to air out her frustrations with her former boss about his lack of professionalism since dismissing her from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” She wrote:




"It's amazing how these so called religious, successful & grown men that claim to be walking in the light can’t wait to gossip about ME. SMH Y can’t folks just part ways professionally w/out going the bitch route? Some partnerships just aint meant 2 B-doesn’t mean u gotta B enemies It’s really mind blowing. Say one thing publicly & lie/hate privately. YOU DO NOT want folks that know YOUR truth to do the same to YOU But it’s coming sir. AND not even from me. I’m a leave it alone. But the streets are talking & when u treat SO many people foul KARMA comes Just disappointed that folks can take the SAME situation two different ways and run with their ‘truth’ and try to recruit others #CORNY Luckily he’s not as much of a power player as he’d like to think outside of his own world where folks constantly lie to him to pacify him $ This tea tho…. :-) But really all you do is motivate me to climb higher and higher. It’s seemed to work thus far. I just wish folks weren’t so shady tho But I DID see you do it 2 your childhood friend so I don’t know Y Im surprised you did the same slander/lie thing to me. Expect a letter TIL you do right by me your REAL hair line and eye lashes will NEVER GROW! And that eye will forever stay cocked! #ImSoPetty [sic all].”


Jordan went on for quite some time, retweeting fans’ comments and promising that “the big guns [will] come out.”

Jordan exited the radio program in July after just one year, leaving many to wonder what really went down behind the scenes. In past interviews, she said the opportunity wasn’t “a good fit,” but thanked Smiley for giving her a chance.


(Photo: Fernando Leon/Getty Images)

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