Amber Rose Blasts Rumors Of Reality Show, Broken Friendship With Blac Chyna

Entertainment | 10/13/2015 | 04:14 PM EDT

’I hate waking up to fake ass stories on the net.’

Amber Rose is fed up the rumors of a canceled reality show with Blac Chyna and has stepped to Twitter to address the reports.


Earlier this week brought news of their rumored series getting the ax due to their conflicting schedules. TMZ alleged it was actually due to the pair’s broken friendship, pointing to Chyna’s absence at Amber’s SlutWalk earlier this month.


But it seems there’s no truth to either story. On Tuesday, Amber tweeted:


“I hate wake up to fake ass stories on the net… Chyna and I Never had a reality show. The Blogs came out with that rumor we didn’t. So how does ones show get Canceled if there’s no show to cancel? Question of the day. Furthermore @BLACCHYNA is my sis for life. She wasn’t at my Slutwalk cuz… It’s none of ur f-cking business why. Now I’m taking [her son Sebastian] over Chyna’s house so he can play with his Brother [Chyna’s son King].”


And there you have it.


(Photo: DutchLabUSA / Splash News)

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