Did Hazel E Out Tahj Mowry?

Entertainment | 10/09/2015 | 08:45 AM EDT

'LHHH' star suggests the actor sparked up a relationship with blogger Jason Lee

Oh, boy. This one's messy.


If you're a fan of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood," you might recall an episode where rapper Hazel E gets a drink thrown in her face by blogger Jason Lee. It seems the trouble between the two wasn't so much about what was said on-camera, but what was left on the cutting room floor.


In a recent interview with The Jasmine Brand, Hazel E recounts the incident and states her claim as to why Lee assaulted her, while name-checking actor Tahj Mowry. She said: 


"I was unaware that this character person was not only on the show but ON the show AND having beef with me. So I was taken aback by this person that I maybe met once or twice in Hollywood that I just never got close to having so much animosity to me. How do you hate somebody that you don’t even know or met or encountered? So it was awkward and him, uh, assaulting…attacking me by throwing a whole cup of Ciroc and pineapple [juice] in my eyes. I was just in shock. It was the day before my birthday, it was absolutely horrible, and I just felt like he was watching reality TV and was like 'drink throw! That’s how you make yourself relevant.' [...] There was a statement when I said, 'The only time I encountered you is when you were fake working out on the canyon acting like you were trying to lose weight and you said you were 'having issues with your relationship with Tahj Mowry' and that’s when he threw the drink. That’s what was cut out because I wasn’t technically allowed to out anybody but I didn’t out him. He had outed him and had this whole thing that he was mad that I brought it back up."


Do what you want with this tea. We're simply the messenger.


(Photos from left: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for VH1, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

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