Michael B. Jordan Ripped For Saying He Only Wants 'White' Roles And 'All Lives Matter'

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 09/24/2015 | 01:00 PM EDT

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Jordan: 'I only want to go out for roles that were written for white characters'

Michael B. Jordan is the latest celebrity to get dragged by Black Twitter.


In a new interview with GQ magazine, the Creed actor expressed his desire to only take on "white" roles and avoid the "stereotypical roles of a black actor playing a thug or the drug dealer, [who] doesn’t know his mom, doesn’t know his dad."


Jordan said: "I want to be part of that movement that blurs the line between white and black. [...] I told my team after I finished Chronicle [the successful low-budget sci-fi movie that first partnered him with Fantastic Four director Josh Trank] that I only want to go out for roles that were written for white characters. Me playing the role will make it what it is."


Jordan also shared that he wanted to model his career after that of Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling.


"They made smart choices. They played people, not being 'a white actor playing a person,' them playing a person. When I play a person or profession, it’s black this, black that," Jordan said. "It's obvious that I'm black, but why do I have to be labeled as that? [...] Instead of taking something conceptually written for a black guy, I want the stuff that was written for a guy.”


Criticism of Jordan's remarks came on hard and strong, as he quickly became a trending topic on Twitter. Things only got worse when he hopped on Snapchat to declare "All Lives Matter" in hopes to justify his interview.


But many pointed to the fact that his star catapulted after starring in Fruitvale Station as Oscar Grant, an unarmed black man fatally shot by a transit officer.


"Ummmmm didn't Michael B Jordan play Oscar Grant a BLACK MAN arrested & killed because of POLICE BRUTALITY. But he don’t see black & white? K," one commenter said.


Another wrote: "I don't get how Michael B. Jordan can be on the 'All Lives Matter' tip knowing as much as he knows about the life and murder of Oscar Grant."


Jordan has yet to address his comments at length, but with his Creed promo run heating up, it's only a matter of time before he'll have to face the music.


What say you? Do you take offense to Jordan's remarks? Sound off!


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