Kyrie Irving Demands Pregnancy Test With Texas Beauty Queen

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 09/24/2015 | 10:30 AM EDT

(Photo: Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

Irving is said to be the father of beauty queen Andrea Wilson's child

Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving has received some pretty life-changing news in the off-season: he's [probably] going to be a father.


According to TMZ, Irving has filed court documents in Texas claiming he impregnated Andrea Wilson, the 2010 Miss Texas United States. He is asking for a paternity test to clear up any questions.


Sources tell the site the pair have been close since 2013, but court documents show they have since separated. Wilson is said to be due in December.


Jim Mueller, Irving's attorney, said in a statement: "In filing this petition, Kyrie is doing the right thing, taking responsibility and actively seeking to establish his rights so that he can be involved the day he becomes a father from the outset."


Irving is stepping in to take care of all the child's needs, including medical care, but is asking that Wilson raise the child in Texas where she and her extended family reside.


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