Family Upset Tracy Morgan Snubbed Deceased Friend At Emmys

Entertainment | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 09/22/2015 | 11:45 AM EDT

Comedian criticized by James McNair's son and sister following car accident

Tracy Morgan was met with applause during his TV comeback at the 2015 Emmy Awards, following his near-death car accident in 2014. But not everyone was happy with the comedian's rousing speech. 

The family of Morgan's writing partner, James "Jimmy Mack" McNair, are accusing him of snubbing his friend, who was tragically killed in the same wreck. 

In an angry Facebook post, that has since been deleted, McNair's son Jamel McNair wrote:

You take the Emmy stage and give a speech and tell jokes in front of thousands of people. But you don't show up to celebrate the life of your best friend 'Uncle Jimmy Mack' at his (June 12) Honor, send a smoke signal, give a call, text, send a damn pigeon.

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A more diplomatic response from the family came from McNair's sister, who told the New York Daily News she just wished Morgan had taken a second to acknowledge her brother.

"I understand it's been a great ordeal for Tracy over the last 15 months. I just feel in some form or fashion, he should have acknowledged my brother - his mentor - because he lost his life," Pamela McNair said.

"I know there's a healing process, mentally and emotionally. I'm sure being in that limo and seeing certain things, it was highly traumatic for him. But just take a minute along the way to acknowledge my brother. He has children, siblings, a big family all bearing that same pain."

Morgan did, however, speak of his friend during his "Today Show" interview in June.

"Bones heal. But the loss of my friend will never heal," Morgan said. 

The comedian, who was reportedly awarded a $10 million settlement from Walmart, has not responded to comments made by McNair's family.

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