Terrell Owens Considers Pressing Charges In Alleged Hate Crime

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 09/18/2015 | 10:00 AM EDT

(Photo: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage)

Former NFL star believes he was the victim of a hate crime during an altercation at Starbucks

Terrell Owens is mulling over the idea of pressing charges against a California man who went on a racist tirade during an altercation at Starbucks.


According to TMZ, the incident occurred Tuesday in Brentwood when Owens says the man named Arman started screaming his name and he asked him to quiet down. Arman later claimed the former NFL star intentionally tripped him as he walked past. 


A shouting match continued outside as Owens got in his car to leave and that's when Arman says Owens threw a cup of coffee at him. Cops and paramedics were called to the scene, as Arman claimed he was injured. Authorities found no coffee stains on his clothes and no injuries.


Video of the incident was captured by an onlooker (see below). Arman can be heard calling Owens a "f-cking knuckle-running, spear-chucking, monkey-ass looking motherf-cker" and a "n-gga," among other things. He told TMZ he uses the word "n-gga" like many of his African-American friends and has a right to freedom of speech.


As for Owens, he says he's considering pressing charges for a hate crime, as suggested by others.


Police are said to be looking into the incident.


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