Sheree Whitfield Charges $5 For Picture With Fans?

Entertainment | 09/14/2015 | 01:00 PM EDT

(Photo: Andy Kropa/Getty Images)

Man claims the reality star is now charging for photo ops

If you catch Sheree Whitfield in the streets, she'll gladly stop for a photo-- but it'll cost you.


A YouTube user by the name of Justinj1232 detailed his recent encounter with the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star at Atlanta's Piedmont Park. He says Whitfield tried his "everlasting life" by charging fans $5 for a photo.




"Sh-t by Sheree was charging five dollars, not for footlongs, but for a picture next to her ass," he explained. "Girl, who are you?"



Justin's claims didn't go unnoticed by Whitfield, who responded to the photo fiasco on Instagram.


"Most charge fees hunni! Next time it will be $10! #iworkhard #whogoncheckmeboo #umadornah #itwasagreatday," she wrote.


Per TMZ, Whitfield has finalized her contract with Bravo for the eighth season of "RHOA," but it seems she's still in need of a few extra dollars.


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