Nia Riley, Tiny Harris Get Into Online Battle Over Alleged Bedroom Activities

Entertainment | 09/14/2015 | 09:30 AM EDT

'LHHH' star claims T.I. and Tiny invited another woman into their bedroom, Tiny responds

The Atlanta streets have long been buzzing about the bedroom activities of Clifford "T.I." Harris and Tameka "Tiny" Harris. And it seems "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's" Nia Riley has the inside scoop.

While getting into a social media battle with her former best friend Nastassia Smith, Riley seemingly confirmed rumors that the hip-hop couple have no issue with inviting others into their bedroom. It was a small reveal tucked away in a much bigger rant, but just enough to get Tiny fired up.

Riley wrote:

"How you feel trying to come up off another bitch and her nigga?! We want our 20% of every wack ass party you host too HOE! #KillYourself owe me your soul hoe! This the same bitch who fucks everybody from rappers to athletes but can't afford a place to stay. First let's start off how your ass been living in LA for damn near 3 years and you still bouncing from couch to couch. Let's talk about how your homeless ass BROKE into a house in the hills at night just to have a place to sleep. Living off hot Cheetos and sprite. Let's talk about how you were living in a 2 bedroom with 6 other homeless thots. Or how you out here begging for a TV offering to trade your pussy for a flatscreen talking about so you can watch yourself. How about you watch your VAGINA. You out here fucking fabulous and kevin hart but can't get one of these niggas to buy you a real bed you air mattress queen. While we are on the subject of you bussin that pussy open for homies. How are you so in love and claiming MY nigga when you fucked his homies? Que? How the fuck Arab and jbar but think you really had a relationship with MY nigga? And while we are still on the subject of you fucking his homes. Did Sean Kingston ever give you that money to move after he beat or nah? Survey says? NO! And let's talk about you being 4 months pregnant by chief keef but got an abortion because you felt guilty fucking fabulous. You homie hopping hoe. You out here claiming dicks that you sucked on but never even been bought a happy meal from none of these niggas. Let's talk about how you fucked Bow, twist, Wayne, ti AND HIS WIFE! bitch how dare you?! You out here worried about getting a TV so you can watch your 15 minutes of fame when you need to be worried about seeing a gynecologist for that loose ass ran thru ass yeast infection every damn week. Oh yes, let's not forget about that! You don't got that wet wet you got that cottage cheese! you dirty bitch. Stop fucking niggas like Matt kemp if you aren't going to have them fix those shark teeth in your mouth you animal planet of the week bitch. I forget to tag a lot of you niggas, I ain't got no more time! [sic all]"

Following Riley's post, Tiny hopped into the reality star's Instagram comments to set the record straight. She wrote:

"I'm just getting wind of the shit u said about me & my husband! At the end of the day u ain't got no business throwing me & my ppl & anybody else for that matter in your messy ass relationship. We have nothing to do with who your man is sleeping with. We don't eve know this girl u speaking on. Don't us us cause u mad! Keep my name out your mouth period!!!! & that's as nice as I can put it!!!"


Tiny isn't confirming or denying the claims, but one thing's for sure, she won't stand for folks prying into her family business.


(Photos from left: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for VH1, Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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