Former Adult Film Star Jazmine Cashmere Denies Trying To Expose Carmelo Anthony

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 09/10/2015 | 09:30 AM EDT

(Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Nicole B. Jones (formerly Jazmine Cashmere) issues video addressing alleged Carmelo Anthony sex tape

There's been a bit of a mix-up in an attempt to get Carmelo Anthony caught up in a sex tape scandal.


On Wednesday, a Twitter account posing as adult film star Jazmine Cashmere sent out a series of tweets suggesting Anthony owed her $15,000 for allegedly engaging in sexual acts with the NBA player. The tweets read:


"So one of y’all favorite NBA players don’t wanna pay me the rest of my money after eating this [cat] last week smh ... Just when I was about to root for the Knicks this year. Now I hope they lose every game. Petty I know. Don’t text me now bitch! I bet your wife would love to know about our little secret meetings when you on the road during the season. Phil Jackson need to trade your sorry ass. You ain’t did shit for the last couple years but take the Knicks money. Y’all give Mr. Knick a call and tell him I said 'Hey' ... Have a great season Knicks… Love Jazmine."


The user behind the account went on to tease the release of the tape, but stopped when they said they were contacted by lawyers who were threatening a $10 million lawsuit.


Jazmine Cashmere's tweets, along with the Twitter account, have since been deleted.


Following the controversy, the real Jazmine Cashmere, who now goes by Nicole B. Jones, stepped forward to clear her name. Jones released a five-minute YouTube video explaining that the account was fake and that she was no longer associated with the adult film industry.


Anthony has yet to respond to the matter.


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