Ne-Yo's Fiancée Responds To Sex Tape Leak

Entertainment | 09/08/2015 | 02:45 PM EDT

(Photo: Felipe Ramales/Splash News/Corbis)

Crystal Renay confronts a fan over claims of an X-rated tape

Model Crystal Renay has had a tough time dodging the critics commenting on her pregnancy and engagement to singer Ne-Yo. But she's putting her foot down on outsiders making slanderous claims about her past.


The Internet has gotten a hold of a video featuring Crystal and three other girls engaging in sexual acts when she was just 18 years old. Since the leak, online commenters have been blasting Crystal for her actions, but she's finally speaking up about the video.




One fan wrote, "I'm not going to judge u [sic] at all. But I'm shocked you did porn. Because you are beautiful. Why do women choose to do that? The bible said u can gain the whole world but you will lose your soul. And instead of doing anything for money why not pray about it and be patient and wait on God."


Crystal replied, "I never did porn Hun. Did I experiment wit girls when I was 18? Yes and someone maliciously put it online.. That isn't porn baby. Not for sale and never have been. There is [a] difference."


Crystal and Ne-Yo announced their engagement and pregnancy earlier this month, revealing that they're planning for a 2016 wedding.


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