Damon Wayans Says 'Stop Twisting My Words' On Cosby Rape Remarks

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 09/08/2015 | 03:30 PM EDT

Wayans: 'Watch the entire interview before you condemn me.'

Damon Wayans has found himself in hot water over his recent remarks pertaining to Bill Cosby's sexual assault scandal, in which he called the controversy a "money hustle."


The actor/comedian made the statements while visiting Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club on Friday, stating that the claims seemed a little far-fetched as some of the women were "un-rapeable."


"If you listen to them talk, they go, 'Well, the first time ...' The first time? B-tch, how many times did it happen? Just listen to what they're saying and some of them really [are] un-rapeable. I just look at them and go, 'You don't want that. Get out of here,'" Wayans said.



As you could image, Wayans' comments didn't go over too well with the general public who believed his remarks were a slap in the face to Cosby's alleged victims. In an effort to clean up the mess, Wayans later took to Twitter to say his words were misinterpreted.


"Stop twisting my words. Watch the entire interview before u [sic] condemn me," Wayans tweeted. He followed up by posting a seven-second clip from the interview in which he said he was sorry if any women were raped by Cosby.


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