Ne-Yo Responds To Fans Upset Over His Fiancée's Pregnancy, Engagement

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 09/01/2015 | 03:30 PM EDT

Ne-Yo says 'f-ck y'all, I'm happy.'

Ne-Yo is sending a big ‘f-ck you’ to the folks criticizing his latest announcements.

On Monday, the “She Knows” singer confirmed his engagement to girlfriend Crystal Renay and shared news of her pregnancy. Speculation about a baby on board surfaced on Sunday when Ne-Yo posted an Instagram picture of him and Crystal smiling and holding onto her stomach.

But the good news came with quite a bit of pushback from fans who recalled his decision to stop having children. Ne-Yo currently plays father to two children with ex-girlfriend, “Atlanta Exes” star Monyetta Shaw, who made the decision to have her tubes burned while with Ne-Yo after they decided they were done with kids.


Online commenters have called Ne-Yo “selfish” and even an “asshole” for going back on his decision, but the star seems unfazed by the public’s opinion. He replied (via Instagram):

“Jedi-mind tricks? Imma say this and leave it alone. THIS IS MY SHIT. MY LIFE. The decisions I make are for me and mine. My kids are healthy, taken care of and know what love is beyond the shadow of a doubt. Mo and I are in a good place. Was I not expected to move on with my life!?! Check this out; My money is right, my family is right FUCK ALL Y’ALL. I’M HAPPY. Anyone who disapproves can simply unfollow. It ain’t even hard to do. Make the green button not green. Much love to our congratulators. Y’all are who I was sharing this special news with in the first place. The rest of y’all? FUCK OFF. I’M TIRED OF BEING NICE TO PEOPLE THAT DON’T DESERVE IT. None of you muthafuckas got anything to say when you see me around no, then it’s ‘can I get a pic’ right? So from the bottom of my heart…SHUT THE FUCK UP. I’m done.”

Ne-Yo says he and Crystal are engaged to be married next year. There’s no word on when the baby is due.

While Shaw hasn’t directly addressed the engagement and pregnancy news, she did post a pair of cryptic Instagram messages that some believe are directed toward Ne-Yo.


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