Stacey Dash Is A Headache On Set Of Her New Movie, Sources Say

Entertainment | 08/25/2015 | 09:15 AM EDT

Dash is described as 'arrogant and mean' on set of her new film

Stacey Dash is clearly sticking to a 'no new friends' policy on set of her new film, as sources close to the project say she's been nothing but trouble.


From Star magazine: 


"Actress turned Tea Party talking head Stacey Dash isn’t making any friends on the set of her new movie Sleight. 


'She is so arrogant and mean, no one on set likes her,' tattled a production insider. 'She orders the crew around like servants and refuses to eat lunch with the rest of the cast.' The actress has even earned an unflattering new nickname: 'We call her Stacey Crass behind her back,' says the on-set source."


The story comes as no surprise, as it was widely rumored that Dash was fired from "Single Ladies" in 2011 after having issues with fellow castmates LisaRaye McCoy and Charity Shea.


Sleight-- which also stars Seychelle Gabriel, Dulé Hill and Jacob Latimore-- centers on a young street magician who is tasked with taking care of his little sister after their mother passes away. He turns to drug dealing to make ends meet and runs into trouble when he can't meet the demands of his supplier.


(Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images)

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