Lark Voorhies' Husband Goes Off: 'I Never Wanted To Get Married'

Entertainment | 08/24/2015 | 08:30 AM EDT

Jimmy Green states his case on Instagram

Following rumors of Lark Voorhies' pregnancy, the actress' husband Jimmy Green is lashing out at the public for making him out to be the bad guy.


Since the couple tied the knot earlier this year, the music producer has gotten nothing but bad press and it seems he's fed up with taking the blame for Voorhies' appearance and behavior. Green recently stepped into the comments section of Miss Lissa Knows to tell his side of the story, making it clear that Voorhies' mother is the real issue.


He wrote: 


"Everyone makes it seem like I was something wrong in larks life I changed her around look at our pics She looks better when i snap The pics Its her mother doing this it aleasys has I put her on blast then she put a restrsining order out Period I give lark more money then she has given me We were going to do music it was business at first her mother I'd jealous of lark because she is lonely I know Y'all in for a treat I'm not on lark case but I never wanted to get married at all Regardless of what if I never would of got I'm the picture u all would still talk shit about lark I took that And it changed we had a reality show coming her mother held money and told her get annulment or nothing no money no car no PR team so I did what I had to do we both did Fuck Tricia voorhies You the reason yo daughter like that [sic all]."


Voorhies has yet to respond to reports of her pregnancy or her husband's online rant.


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