Matt Barnes Responds To Rihanna: 'I'm Too Grown To Lie'

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 08/21/2015 | 10:30 AM EDT

NBA star stands behind his story of secretly dating Rihanna

Matt Barnes isn’t backing down from his Rihanna story.

After having his ass publicly handed to him by the international singer, Barnes is sticking by his story of the pair secretly dating. While Rihanna claims she never even met the NBA star, he says he has no reason to lie about their rumored love connection.

When asked about the situation on “The Jim Rome Show” earlier this week, Barnes said:

“You live and you learn. When you’re in a situation like this and, you know, you just learn. You just got to keep stuff to yourself obviously. But the way I’m putting it right now, I’m too grown to lie, you know what I mean. It is what it is, I’m going to let this blow by like everything else blows by.”

Whatever Barnes and Rihanna had going, it’s clearly over now.


(Photos from left:, PacificCoastNews)

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