Althea Eaton Alleges Benzino Assaulted Her

Entertainment | 08/20/2015 | 08:00 AM EDT

There seems to be trouble in paradise for the former 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' couple

Did domestic violence play a part in Benzino and Althea Eaton's rumored split? Thi Thi's tweets and Instagram posts seem to suggest 'yes.'


Earlier this week, Eaton sent out a series of messages over social media that led many to believe the former "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" couple were on the outs. Benzino seemingly addressed his pregnant fiancée’s claims with a tweet of his own, stating, "Don't matter how mad I get, I would never try to embarrass or slander the person I love or once loved…"

And then sh-t really hit the fan.

Eaton replied, "No matter how mad you get you shouldn’t treat a pregnant woman fucked up! Ever. Or hit her back … enough. Confused."


She followed up with a post on Instagram, stating:

"This mess only gets worse! Then stop acting and treating me fucked up in REAL life! As long as you can act like everything is all right for people you don't even know! Fed up!! You don't care what I say or feel til after the fact!! #controlfreak#bipolar#selfish #asshole#REALLife#singlemom I don't do this mess for TV! Once loved right so why you posting pics yesterday like we all good. Stop. I wanna be happy but can't with your back and forth ass!"

There's no telling the truth behind their lover's quarrel, but you can bet this won’t be the last we'll hear of it on social media.


(Photo: Benzino via Instagram)

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