Terrell Owens Faces Foreclosure On California Home

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 08/06/2015 | 08:30 AM EDT

Former NFL star owes more than $905,000 on his shared home with estranged wife Rachel Snider

The clock is ticking on Terrell Owens' time to make a decision on his California home that is facing foreclosure.

TMZ reports the former NFL star is in default on the San Fernando Valley residence, as he owes $905,417.06. This is the home he bought with estranged wife, Rachel Snider, in January 2014 before they split up just days after the wedding.

Owens and Snider reportedly put the home on the market in June, with a price tag slightly higher than their $2.2 million purchase. So far, they've had no takers.



Owens says he stopped paying the mortgage when he made the decision to sell the home and the bank has given him an extension to give him time to find a buyer.

Owens has 90 days to make a sale, or the property will be turned over to the bank.

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(Photo: Araya Diaz/Getty Images)

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