Amber Rose Blasted For Teaching Son The Word 'Conversate'

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 07/30/2015 | 10:30 AM EDT

Online commenters rip the model/actress for teaching her son slang

The word of the day is "conversate," brought to you by Amber Rose and her son Sebastian.

The model/actress was recently blasted for posting an Instagram video of the 2-year-old showing off his vocabulary by using "conversate," the slang word for "converse." He later went on to define the word, stating that it meant "to engage in conversation."

Pretty impressive stuff for a toddler. Only, online commenters didn't see things that way. Amber received heavy criticism on social media for willingly teaching Sebastian a slang term and eventually removed the video altogether.


Friends of the star tell TMZ Amber is upset with the criticism because she's aware that "conversate" isn't in the dictionary. They say she taught Sebastian the word so that he could have a variety of language skills and she's not above teaching him other slang such as "fleek" and "turnt."

What are your thoughts on Amber's decision to teach her son slang? Sound off!

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