K. Michelle Accused Of Ripping Off Furniture Company For Her Home Goods Line

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 07/28/2015 | 10:45 AM EDT

The singer's home goods line is getting a bit of pushback from an Atlanta-area furniture company

K. Michelle can't catch a break when it comes to staying out of drama that will keep her on a positive path. This time around, she's going head to head with an Atlanta-area furniture company that claims she ripped off their designs.

Earlier this week, the singer announced she'd be debuting a new home goods line that would include custom designed furniture, doggie beds and candles, as well as bed and bath accessories. Upon posting an Instagram picture of the new line, Huff Furniture fired back with accusations of K. Michelle stealing images from their showroom.


A company owner wrote on Instagram:


A rep for Huff Furniture added in another post:

"Let me explain this business [to] our IG family and obviously KMichelle, too. When you do a 'collection' and call it 'The KMichelle Collection' you obviously work with the manufacturer to set up exclusivity. Usually, you will even work hand in hand during the design process to confidently call it your collection. In that process, you also set up exclusive rights that money from every piece ever sold is paid to you. None of this was done in this case. To top it all off, our imagery was lifted from our showroom and claimed as the KMichelle Collection. If KMichelle doesn't know better her interior design friend she references sure should have known."

K. Michelle eventually caught wind of the issue and posted a pair of messages about the line, arguing that she and Huff Furniture have the same distributor. She stated:


It seems K. Michelle is going forward with the venture, despite the complaints from Huff Furniture. Let's just hope the issue stays out of court.


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(Photo: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

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