Bobbi Kristina: Hearse Arrives As Family Gathers At Hospice

Entertainment | 07/16/2015 | 02:15 PM EDT

Houston family reportedly look 'somber and emotional' during mysterious visit

There’s now speculation that Bobbi Kristina Brown’s health has taken a turn for the worst after a hearse was spotted arriving outside the hospice center where she is being cared for.

Family members reportedly arrived at the Atlanta facility where a “mysterious” white tent popped up by the back door, according to

The new developments are leading some to believe that after five and half months Brown, 22, may have succumbed to brain injuries stemming from an incident in which she was found unconscious inside her bathtub.


The Houston family reportedly refused to comment on Bobbi Kristina’s condition, Pat Houston and other relatives were allegedly on site looking “somber and emotional.”

The tent was set up at the hospice center, blocking all views of the surrounding area. Shortly after, a hearse reportedly pulled up and backed into the tent so nobody on the outside could see what was being loaded into the back, HollywoodLife reports.

Brown was moved to the hospice center in June so she could reportedly “die peacefully,” after doctors determined no more could be done to stop her deteriorating health.

Not much is known about the circumstances that lead to her being found inside the bathtub on Jan. 31.

Her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, was served with a $10 million lawsuit earlier this week, accusing him of causing Bobbi “substantial harm” after punching her in the face, as well as controlling her finances while she was in a medically-induced coma.

The legal papers also allege that Nick beat Bobbi Kristina throughout their entire relationship.

On the day she was found, she reportedly had a swollen mouth and a tooth knocked out. Gordon, 24, is accused of choking her before the accident occurred. Brown, the only child of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, was reportedly on her way to tell a friend about what Nick was doing to her.

(Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

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