Lark Voorhies Defends Husband In Bizarre New Interview [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 07/10/2015 | 08:30 AM EDT

Voorhies: 'We're selectively together for all the right reasons.'

Lark Voorhies is in defense mode over her new marriage to music producer Jimmy Green following her mother’s request of a restraining order last month. While Green has a dark past with charges that include making criminal threats and disorderly conduct, the "Saved By The Bell" actress says they are "selectively together for all the right reasons."

"Entertainment Tonight’s" Kevin Frazier recently sat with the newlyweds to discuss the surprise marriage and the restraining order taken out by Voorhies’ mother, Patricia, who believes Green could "cause her physical harm."

"The support was there … specific, necessary, exact … it’s all celebratory, so it’s a very strong, powerful, ongoing and we carry that through, naturally, in all success," Voorhies oddly replied when asked about the wedding.

In response to her mother’s claims of Green taking advantage of her, Voorhies said: "He's not. We’re selectively together for all the right reasons."


As far as her mental health, Voorhies denied any diagnosis of bipolar disorder, as her mother alleged in a 2012 interview with PEOPLE magazine. While Patricia described her daughter as "psychologically, mentally, and emotionally fragile," Voorhies says she’s "always been mentally healthy."

Green also spoke up for himself, saying there was no reason for Patricia to file a restraining order against him. He insisted that he and Voorhies have a normal relationship that’s based on love and business.

"We're the same as any other couple out there that's in love and trying to accomplish business together," he said. "It’s not a scam or a way to get money."

Watch the entire interview below.

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(Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

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