Faizon Love Arrested For Domestic Violence

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 07/09/2015 | 09:45 AM EDT

Plus, comedian goes on profanity-laced rant about the public's reaction to Bill Cosby's sexual assault scandal

Actor/comedian Faizon Love, best known for his roles in Friday and "The Parent 'Hood," was arrested earlier this month in Seattle for suspicion of domestic violence.

According to The Jasmine Brand, the arrest occurred on July 3 as the star was in town to perform at a local comedy club. He was held in Kings County jail without bail.

This is Love's second arrest pertaining to domestic violence in four years. In June 2011, he was cuffed for fourth degree domestic assault after reportedly punching a man in the face after being rejected by a woman at a night club.

Love is also making headlines this week for once again going on a profanity-laced rant about the sexual assault scandal involving Bill Cosby, who he previously defended. When reportedly asked about the latest developments, he went off on Twitter, writing:

"Your the kind of Monkeys that praise the zoo keeper but though shit at the ones that clean your cage UNFORTUNATLY THE PROBLEM WITH NIGGAS... IS NIGGAS ....WHAT EVERY THESE CRACKERS GOT PLANED FOR YOU, YOU DESERVE!!! SPINELESS MONKEYS You people kill me with this shit. This withe boy walks into a church and kills 9 people you not mad at that, but this upsets you FUCK YALL HEY 9 BLACK PEOPLE JUST GOT KILLED AT A CHURCH...WHAT YOU GOING TO DO??? IM GOING TO B.E.T AWARDS!!!!!!!!!! #JusticeOrElse IM DONE TALKING TO YOU SPINELESS MOKEYS... YOU NEED TO LERN FROM THE LATIN COMMUNITY BECAUSE THAT IS TRUE LOVE PEOPLE YOU MONKEY NIGGAS LOVE YOUR MASTER AND REPEAT EVERYTHING OUT HIS MOUTH....SO PLEASE KEEP IT UP!!!! #NEWSLAVES I hope that White boy get off and him and George Zimmerman got to the B.E.T AWARDS together.. Sponsored By BURGER KING I can't wait till one of them crackers kill another one of you dumb niggas then take him to Burger King... [sic all]"

Love caught flak last year for defending Cosby, calling the star's detractors "porch monkeys."

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(photo: John Ricard / BET)

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