Former 'Basketball Wives' Star Royce Reed Faces Eviction

Entertainment | 07/06/2015 | 08:30 AM EDT

A landlord is looking to kick Reed out of her dance studio for skipping out on rent

Royce Reed might be out a dance studio if a Florida landlord gets his way after the former "Basketball Wives" star allegedly skipped out on rent.

reports Reed has been hit with an eviction notice for her Orlando studio. The landlord claims she missed April's rent payment and wants her out of the space ASAP.

Reed responded to the notice by filing documents of her own, stating that she did pay the rent. She also made it a point to complain about the backed up plumbing that has resulted in flooding.

She says the landlord tried to blame the issue on tampons clogging up the toilet and demanded that she pay for repairs. Yet she said there was no evidence that the feminine products belonged to her or her students.

Reed also charges the landlord with trying to sabotage her business by leasing out the neighboring space to a gun store, which would make her studio less desirable to kids.

She is asking that the eviction notice be thrown out.

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(Photo: Ron Asadorian / Splash News)

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