Bobbi Kristina Brown's Friend Details Nick Gordon's Abuse

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 07/02/2015 | 03:45 PM EDT

Alex Reid: 'He was known to choke her, throw her into walls, punch her in the jaw ... just unbelievable stuff.'

As Bobbi Kristina Brown remains in hospice care for her Jan. 31 medical emergency, a close friend is speaking out on her behalf to detail Nick Gordon's alleged physical abuse.

In a candid interview with E! News, Alex Reid described Gordon's hot temper and how he harmed Bobbi Kristina on at least four different occasions. 


"He was known to choke her, throw her into walls, punch her in the jaw ... just unbelievable stuff. It was this off-the-handle temper," Reid said. "I would ask her what started this, where did this come from and it would always be nothing. It would always be something small that you would argue about with somebody normally in a relationship. He just couldn't control himself."

Reid said Bobbi Kristina shared her accounts of physical abuse early on in their friendship and explained that things "kept getting worse and worse."

"I can think of four really extreme instances. She would call me and if I didn't answer it would be, 'Alex, I need you.' [...] I could tell it was urgent and of course I would call and that's when she would be crying and I couldn't even understand the words coming out of her mouth. She would just hyperventilate," Reid said.


Last month, Gordon was hit with a $10 million lawsuit from Bobbi Kristina's estate, which claims he physically abused her and stole money from her inheritance.

He's since lawyered up, calling on Jose Baez, best known as the defense attorney in the case against Casey Anthony. He's also enlisted the help of TJ Ward, a private investigator who worked on the search for Natalee Holloway.

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