Tyrese Gibson Demands Apology From Forbes Over 'Green Lantern' Article

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 06/29/2015 | 03:30 PM EDT

Gibson: 'Since you decided to typecast me, I would appreciate an apology for writing this misinformed article.'

Tyrese Gibson is pretty serious about his campaign to become the next Green Lantern for DC Comics and won't let anyone stand in his way of making that dream come true.

So when writer Benjamin Moore penned an op-ed for Forbes about his disapproval of the potential casting, it was only a matter of time before the singer/actor defended his talents against those who believe he's not good enough for the role. In the article titled "Tyrese Gibson Should Not Be Warner Bros.' New Green Lantern," Moore wrote:

"Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely think the next big screen Green Lantern should be the first black DC Comics superhero, John Stewart. Hal Jordan – by way of Ryan Reynolds – had his chance in the abysmal Green Lantern movie from 2011 and he blew it. Furthermore, DC superhero movies (and superhero movies in general (and movies in general (and entertainment in general))) absolutely need more diversity both in front of and behind the camera, and utilizing a character like Stewart is just such an obvious way to do it.

But Tyrese Gibson is not the right guy for the job.


I say that as a fan of Tyrese as an actor! I think he has a real charm and presence about him. He’s funny, he’s good-looking, he’s cool. I’ve enjoyed his performances in the Fast & Furious movies. I even enjoyed his work in things like Transformers – which I did not like – and Four Brothers – which I thought was just okay. Having said that, what Tyrese is good at – or at least what he’s leaned heavily on as an actor in the past – has been flashy, braggy, over-the-top humor. When I think of John Stewart, I think of confident and cool, but not arrogant, and about as serious and understated as a superhero can get. He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy. He doesn’t crack wise and he doesn’t show off. He’s basically the antithesis of Roman from Furious 7."

Shortly after the article went live, Gibson fired back with a response on Facebook. He wrote:

"Open letter to the misinformed writer at Forbes!

Amazing that you would jump out there and write a story and make a complete fool of yourself like this.... I guess the concept of 'Perception vs Reality' has just sat in - in a real embarrassing way- playing a 'role' is doing just that... Playing a role....

Do your research I was at home innocent it's the FANS who started the 'Tyrese Green Lantern Campaign' so again do your research bro...NOT just write a whole article based on movies that I've done that in your mind are "popular"... All dramatic roles... Baby Boy? Four Brothers,? Waist Deep..? Black Nativity.? Annapolis? I've actually done more dramatic roles and movies then anything comedic - or charming- I'm an entertainer and were supposed to be use to people writing random blogs and stories - that's fine.... Know your facts, and DO your research before your press that UPLOAD button... Especially on Forbes champ!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend - I've provided your list of movies.... When you do your re-write... Since you decided to typecast me... I would appreciate an apology for writing this misinformed article.... Thanks - Tyrese Gibson."

The new Green Lantern isn't expected to hit theaters until 2020, giving Gibson plenty of time to lighten up on his "flashy, braggy, over-the-top humor."

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