Steve Harvey's Ex-Wife Dragged Into $20M Lawsuit Against Comedian

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 06/25/2015 | 12:45 PM EDT

Harvey's ex-wife will be asked to testify in $20 million lawsuit against the star for unreleased footage

The relationship between Steve Harvey and his ex-wife Mary Shackelford has been anything but pleasant since their divorce in 2005. Now, the former couple will once again battle it out in court over a $20 million lawsuit against the star filed by a videographer.

The Jasmine Brand
reports Joseph Cooper filed the suit against Harvey last year, claiming he blocked the sale of a raw stand-up video of the comedian from earlier in his career. He is now looking to be compensated for damages caused by Harvey.

According to court documents, Cooper claims he and Harvey entered into a deal in 1993 that would make Cooper his personal videographer for his comedy club shows. After capturing more than 120 hours of footage, Cooper was told to hold off on editing and distributing because Harvey believed it would interfere with his career. Cooper obliged, thinking the footage would be more valuable when Harvey became a bigger star.

By 1998, Cooper says Harvey was willing to pay $5 million to stop the release of the footage, as he believed the "raw and uncensored" material might hurt his image. Unfortunately, the videographer says he never received a dime.

Cooper took matters into his own hands in 2013 when he landed a deal with a distributor that would allow him to make 75 percent royalties on a tape called "Steve Harvey Live, Raw & Uncensored." But Harvey blocked the deal, saying Cooper didn't have the rights to sell the footage. 

Fast forward to 2014 when Cooper filed the $20 million lawsuit against Harvey, which the star has since fought against. Cooper has now called on Shackelford to question if she had any knowledge about the deal while married to Harvey. 

Shackelford could be the nail in Harvey's coffin, as she's had no issues with calling him out for his alleged dirty deeds. In the past, she's accused the star of cheating and leaving her homeless with their child, despite the gag order from their divorce. She has also accused Harvey of child abuse.

Cooper is also reportedly calling on Harvey's lawyers and other representatives he had at the time to help present his case.

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