K. Michelle Confronts Draya Michele About Past Comments

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 06/25/2015 | 02:45 PM EDT

K. Michelle calls out her fellow reality star about hurtful comments she made in the past

K. Michelle and Draya Michele might both be of VH1 reality TV fame, but don't expect them to be all buddy-buddy because of the connection.

There seemed to be a bit of tension between the singer and swimsuit designer as they visited BET's "Post Show" on Wednesday night. Viewers quickly picked up on the awkward vibe between the stars and took to social media to ask if there was an unsettled beef between the two.


To close out the show, host Amberia Allen questioned why K. Michelle and Draya seemed so uncomfortable together, to which K. Michelle responded:

"I don't think it's an issue. I just know you've tweeted some really mean things about me and I don't even know you. I remember everything and I know it was a little while ago, but I don't forget that. I see you as a single mother, as a woman on VH1 and I see that you're doing your thing with your swimwear and everything and that's a great thing, but to say things about me ... you actually said that I wasn't attractive. You said that I was ugly. To do things like that to a person, I don't think that's the proper way to deal with it, especially when you don't know a person and there's no beef or issue. I don't have a real problem with her, I'm just very standoff-ish and I never forget anything about that. I really wish her the best in what she's doing because I know it's difficult to be a single mother and I know what that's like. And I'm sorry that you don't think I'm pretty enough, but I actually like myself."

Draya seemed baffled by K. Michelle's accusations, saying she couldn't recall tweeting such a thing.

"This was clearly so long ago that I don't even remember saying it. You don't strike me as a person that's that sensitive," Draya replied. "You seem super confident, so anything I would've said or could've said in the past, it doesn't seem like it would affect a person like you at all. You seem very strong."

The show ended without any real resolution, although Allen did mention that the pair had shared some "great pleasantries" during the commercial break about each other's accomplishments.

Here's to hoping the beef begins-- and ends-- here.

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