Shocker: Mimi Faust Admits To Staging Infamous Sex Tape

Entertainment | Camille Travis | 06/23/2015 | 10:15 AM EDT

Faust: 'I wish I could take it back.'

Mimi Faust has found it necessary to admit to what we've known for months: she staged her infamous sex tape with ex-boyfriend Nikko London.

After denying any involvement in the release of the video, the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star has finally come clean to Us Weekly about having a hand in setting the whole thing up. So no, the tape wasn't lost or stolen in the airport-- Faust and London sent it straight to the source.

"Nikko took it straight to Vivid Entertainment is my understanding of it. [...] I want everyone to be perfectly clear I have never made a sex tape ever in my life but the way he went about it, he said, 'Our love making is like art. We should document this.' And I was like, 'Yeah,'" she explained.

Faust made it clear that the story about the tape getting stolen in the airport was all a part of a plan to get a deal with Vivid. And once she signed her name on the dotted line, all power was out of her hands.


"We had to say something to present it. And then once we did the deal with Vivid, there was a marketing plan and all of that was out of my control at that point," she explained. "We did film that initially ourselves, but when we agreed to do this they said, 'We need more footage.'''

Faust said she will receive a check every quarter for the rest of her life for her involvement with the tape, but admitted to being disappointed in her actions.

"Stupid decision? Yes. Dumb. Stupid," she said. "I wish I could take it back, but at the time I went along with it."

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(Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images)

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