These Black Women Took Over the Internet in 2016

Entertainment | 12/19/2016 | 12:30 PM EST

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These queens of comedy are creating a space for Black expression like none other!

Let's face it, 2016 has been tough, to say the least. With the holiday season upon us and the year coming to a close, it's okay to take a little time for ourselves to laugh off the bullsh*t and leave as much of it behind before inaguration day 2017...


Check out these women who dominated the internet in 2016!


1. Jess Hilarious
Full-time comedian Jess Hilarious, as she's known, is just that, hilarious! Don't believe us? Watch this compilation of her videos below. 


And check out her out in Centric's interactive mini-holiday digital series Grown Ass Women's Gift Guide.

2. Akilah Hughes (Smoothie Freak)
Um, It's Akilah, Obvisouly! If you're looking for that ABG (Awkward Black Girl) vibe, look no further, writer and comedian Akilah Hughes's got you.


Like, can we talk about those silly sponsored IG posts people keep putting up?  

3. Evelyn From the Internets (Evelyn From The Internets)
Earlier this year Beyoncé dropped Lemonade and left most of us speechless, but somehow Evelyn eloquently and poetically described how we all felt while quenching our #blackgirlmagic thirst.


It's no wonder Beyoncé went on to feature the video on her tour! #Beyhivegoals

4. Jackie Aina (Jackie Aina)
Beauty vlogger Jackie Aina isn't afraid to throw a little shade into her makeup tutorials and youtube videos whenever necessary and that's what we love most about her!

Check out this End of Year video that sums up the WORST beauty brands for POC...

5. LaLaSizaHands (@LaLaSizaHands89)
AKA Ja'La began her internet takeover on Vine, but since has expanded her funny business to twitter and instagram. Learn more about her in her interview with HOT 107.9


Watch her #SoGoneChallenge below:  


6. BlameItOnKway's "TiTi" (@BlameItOnKway)
BlameItOnKway's "TiTi" offers Black ladies an outlet to vicariously express our most bad a*s b*tch, ratchet-type thoughts.

7. Branden Miller's "Joanne The Scammer" (@iambranden)
Branden Miller, better known as "Joanne The Scammer" is well known for kicking people out of her caucasian house, but this half-Black and half-Puerto Rican diva is anything but.


Check out Joanne the Scammer and Khadi Don's hilarous "Thelma and Louise" type adventure:

8. Khadi Don (@khadidon)
Speaking of Khadi LaLaSizaHands, the hilarious Instagram star also began her viral takeover on the vine.


Now the internet sensation has more than 1 million followers and we can see why.

9.  Shanna Malcolm (HeyYoShanna)
This hjlarious Jamaican comedian holds nothing back in her pop culture weekly breakdowns, has a hilarious "ghetto gaming" series and films the ocassional random challenge!



Were there any hilarious Black women taking over the interwebs that you felt we missed? Let us know!

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